Alerting Planet Earth

Alerting planet earth

Zidane Hamid

Zidane Hamid (Urdu: زیدان حامد‎‎ born: Jan 3, 2010) is a Child prodigy and Youngest Author Published by Oxford University Press. 

– Lectures on science topics at age 3 & 4
– Youngest Microsoft Office Specialist at age 5
– 2 Year Diploma In Arabic And Islamic Studies (DAIS) from Cambridge College at age 7
– Certificate, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma in the Arabic Language from International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) at age 8
– In Chemistry Fastest arrangement of Periodic Table (Guinness World Record) at age 9
– Youngest Sports Commentator (Guinness World Record) at age 9
– Youngest non-native IELTS test taker at age 11 (Bands 7)
– TEFL (World TESOL Academy)
– TV Shows on Geo News, Geo Tez, PTV & PTV Sports
– Sports Commentator/Host at VOK FM 105.8
– Represented Pakistan National Chess Team U13 in International Chess tournaments
– Youngest Oxford Author & Climate Activist
– CEO of Tobacco Free Pakistan (
– CEO of The Little Professors (