Alerting Planet Earth

Alerting planet earth

Alerting Planet Earth written by Youngest Author Zidane Hamid published by Oxford University Press

Alerting Planet Earth

Published by Oxford University Press

Written by Zidane Hamid and published by Oxford University Press, Alerting Planet Earth strives to call out to the generation of today to come together and combat the climate crisis, the major challenge this century, and to mitigate the effects like deforestation, biodiversity loss, and rising sea levels.

In order for readers to understand the power they possess through the acts they can take, it intends to make conscious of the alarming status of the earth’s changing climate.

Youngest author published by oxford

Zidane Hamid - The Little Professor

Zidane Hamid (Urdu: زیدان حامد‎‎ born: Jan 3, 2010) is a Child prodigy and Youngest Author Published by Oxford University Press. 

– Lectures on science topics at age 3 & 4
– Youngest Microsoft Office Specialist at age 5
– 2 Year Diploma In Arabic And Islamic Studies ( DAIS ) from Cambridge College at age 7
– Certificate, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma in the Arabic Language from International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) at age 8
– In Chemistry Fastest arrangement of Periodic Table (Guinness World Record) at age 9
– Youngest Sports Commentator (Guinness World Record) at age 9
– Youngest non-native IELTS test taker at age 11 ( Bands 7 )
– TEFL ( World TESOL Academy )
– TV Shows on Geo News, Geo Tez, PTV & PTV Sports
– Sports Commentator/Host at VOK FM 105.8
– Represented Pakistan National Chess Team U13 in International Chess tournaments
– Youngest Oxford Author & Climate Activist
– CEO of Tobacco Free Pakistan (
– CEO of The Little Professors (

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